The parking industry is, at root, a service sector. The much-maligned reputation of parking enforcement companies stems from poor communication and a lack of understanding that our operations must balance the needs of both our clients and the motorist.

At Vehicle Control Services our patrol officers represent not only our organisation but also our clients and as such have a duty to protect their reputation. Their role is defined not exclusively through enforcement but also in the service they provide to legitimate car park users.

Patrol officers provide the main body of our enforcement practice. They are responsible for the issuing of Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) and, where required, vehicle immobilisation. Staff who undertake vehicle immobilisation are fully licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

We have patrol officers based across the UK and maintain national coverage. Our head office operations centre manages this network and we are able to respond rapidly to client call-outs and areas of high enforcement requirement.

Our patrol officers receive in-depth training in customer service, conflict resolution and parking enforcement and we have a commitment to continued assessment and development.

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Manned patrols peform the majority of our enforcement procedures. With an emphasis on customer service our patrol officers are trained to protect our reputation and that of our clients.

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VCS Vision is the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) arm of our service. Intelligent camera networks cut overheads, improve enforcement and increase revenues.

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Vehicle Control Services is a Disabled and Parent & Child (DPC) space protection specialist. Our service ensures that these vital bays are kept free for those who need them.

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Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) are the modern alternative to wheel clamping. Non-confrontational yet highly effective they are a responsible deterrent against parking abuse.

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Twenty four years of operations has allowed us to develop strong relationships with suppliers of everything from pay and display equipment to stationery.

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Our industry-leading back office team processes PCNs, administers permits and serves as a contact centre for motorist enquiries.

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Clear and informative signage is vital in deterring parking abuse. Often copied yet never bettered, ours has been developed over two decades and is the most effective in industry.

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Vehicle Control Services is a leading UK supplier of parking enforcement. We combine over two decades of experience with technological innovation to provide cost-effective parking solutions and car park management.